Zimbabwean exiles and human rights campaigners staged a demonstration outside the Zimbabwe High Commission in London from 12:00 until 15:00 on Saturday 14th December. They were demanding stronger international action against the illegitimate Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. The crowd doned their thermals against the freezing English weather, amid the Christmas lights in the Strand and Christmas shoppers wearing their colourful Santa hats.

The demonstration coincided with the annual conference of the ruling ZANU PF party. The conference is expected to endorse Mugabe’s draconian policy agenda which has exposed over half the population (7 million people) to the threat of imminent starvation. Mugabe is blatantly exploiting the food crisis to starve his opponents into submission. Hundreds of thousands of supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change are callously being denied access to food as punishment for their political affiliation.


Zimbabwean music came to the streets of London and the crowd danced to keep warm against the elements. The attention of Christmas shoppers was drawn to their demands that food aid goes to the needy NOT just Mugabe’s supporters and many more signatures to a petition were gained.


The demonstration was organised by Zimbabwe Human Rights, who wanted to protest against the failure of South African President Mbeki and the ruling ANC to confront the Mugabe regime and end the Zimbabwe crisis.


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Washington Ali (center) from MDC speaks outside the Zimbabwe High Commission in London on 14th December.

MDC National Executive Candidate MP Bindura, Elliot Pfebve (left), successfully sued Robert Mugabe in the American Courts, just like the widow of murdered farmer David Stevens.

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